Represented by FITT 1ST

Represented by FITT 1ST

Thursday 9 January 2014

OUTWET helps take Canadian ultra cyclist PETER OYLER across America in 10 days, 15 hrs and 16 mins

On June 11th, 2013 Peter Oyler's epic adventure, the Race Across America ( RAAM ) began, He had been here twice before in 2007 (Finisher) but in 2009 ended up in hospital in 2009, unable to finish the Race.

But this year was different, A specialized crew, lots of sweat box training and 1000's and 1000's of km's of riding and a GOAL.  Finish the race in 10 days. Pete had done everything right in his preparation, but never had he been this mentally prepared for the race.  4677.9 km's (2962 miles) and 170,000 vertical feet of climbing between him and the finish in a course stretching from Oceanside, California to Annapolis Maryland

Controlling core body temperature is vital when you span temperature ranging from 40 - 113 deg.  F all in one single descent. Add pouring rain, gale force winds and dust storms to the mix and you get just a little bit of the flavour of this race. Now try riding for 22 hrs a day on less than 1.5 hrs of sleep each day. This is the hardest bike race in the World ( It ain't no Tour )

I could go on for hrs writing about my experience as a member of his crew, but that is not what this race was about. It was all about getting Pete to the finish line in under 11 days.

One of the major contributors to that was the Technical base layers that Pete relied on to keep his core temperature as even as possible through the race. Enter OUTWET High Technical performance wear.

Here is what Pete had to say about OUTWET

"As a two time RAAM finisher, I know comfort in clothing, and even more importantly base layers of clothing.  I have tried  many different base layer options over the years.  Using Outwet for this season has been a great change.  The system of one size basically fits all and the great comfort made my RAAM race much better then other races. Dealing with the various natural elements  in one race lasting several days requires the right product. The Outwet line of product covers the body with the right pieces based on the various temperatures and rainy conditions that were present in RAAM.

Outwet's versatility allows riders to cover any distance and be cool or warm, dry and comfortable.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Thanks Outwet for helping me complete RAAM making a great product that can be used by cyclists, skiers or anyone for that matter in the great outdoors!"

Peter Oyler

Well done Peter it was an honour to be part of your crew

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